Coöperism 5/13 | READINGS

Primary Readings:

Balibar, Étienne. “The Expropriators and Expropriated.

Marx, Karl. Capital: Volume I, Chapter 13, “Co-operation,” available here.

Negri, Antonio. “Starting again from Marx,” trans. Arianna Bove, Radical Philosophy 203, 2018. Available here.

Ostrom, E., Dietz, T., Dolšak, N., Stern, P. C., Stonich, S., & Weber, E. U. (Eds.). The Drama of the Commons. (National Academy Press, 2002). Available here.

Additional Readings and Resources:

Negri, Antonio. “Lesson Seven,” trans. Cleaver, H., Ryan, M., & Viano, M. Marx Beyond Marx, 1979. Available here. For the full book online, click here.