5/13 | Étienne Balibar on Marx and Cooperation

Étienne Balibar and Bernard E. Harcourt

read and discuss

Karl Marx, Capital

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Columbia University


In this session, the French philosopher Étienne Balibar, in conversation with Professor Bernard E. Harcourt, will take up two separate themes that eventually intertwine: on the one hand, Marx and his silent controversy with Proudhon, focusing especially on chapter 13 of Capital Volume 1 on “Co-operation”; and on the other, Elinor Ostrom and the question whether her type of analysis might be applicable on a global scale to institute a form of “international cooperation” on climate change. The readings will include, in addition, work by Toni Negri and an essay titled “The Expropriators and Expropriated” by Balibar.



Film screening and talkback with Étienne Balibar and Bernard E. Harcourt of LIP: Imagination in Power (Les LIP: L’imagination au pouvoir)

Monday, October 23, 2023

Columbia University


This documentary interviews workers who led the most emblematic strike of 1968 at the LIP factory in Besançon. This was an amazing struggle that lasted for several years, mobilized enormous crowds in France and Europe, used illegal tactics but without falling into violence, and pushed the imagination about democracy to new heights. Portraits of individuals, a collective history, interweaving stories help viewers understand why this strike carried hopes and dreams for a whole generation.